Premium Finance

The company with specialised staff and systems to handle the financing and collection of insurance premiums paid by instalments.

An attractive and comprehensive annual insurance finance alternative which enables you to spread up to 100% of your annual insurance premium monthly over a period of your choice.

Guardrisk Premium Finance has specialised staff and systems to handle the financing of annual insurance premiums and endorsements paid by instalments.

Client Profile

Small, medium and large corporate companies.

Why should you, the client, take advantage of Guardrisk Premium Finance:

  • VAT input credit

    You are able to claim your annual VAT input credit at the commencement of the agreement.

  • Interest rates

    The interest charged is competitive and fixed for the full term of the annual policy.

  • Cash flow planning

    You will have accurate cash flow planning as you pay a fixed monthly premium. Financing your annual insurance premium frees your cash leaving you with more flexibility to either invest or use it for any unforeseen costs that may come up during the year.

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