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LAUNCHPAD: Insurtech By Guardrisk

At Guardrisk, we have launched an initiative called Guardrisk LAUNCHPAD, as a response to unlock the potential of Insurtech. At Guardrisk LAUNCHPAD, our corporate venturing initiative is dedicated to interacting with Insurtech companies that have the potential to redefine the way insurance is bought, sold and experienced. Together with the founders, we want to embark on a journey of collaborative growth where Guardrisk LAUNCHPAD serves as a catalyst for Insurtech companies, igniting their potential and guiding them to success.   

This will help direct the transformative power of technology into shaping the future of the insurance industry and unlocking value for all stakeholders. LAUNCHPAD aims to embrace the opportunities presented by Insurtech, nurture emerging startups, and foster collaboration and innovation within our ecosystem.    

By strategically investing in promising scale-ups, we aim to add value, accelerate growth, and take their businesses to new heights. Through our investments, we seek to form strong, long-term partnerships and leverage the synergies between insurance industry disruptors and our established industry expertise.   

Our approach is focused on collaboration. We work closely with selected Insurtech companies, providing them with financial support, industry expertise and access to our extensive network of clients and partners. This leveraging of the Guardrisk ecosystem helps new scale-ups gain enhanced distribution opportunities by entering new markets and expanding their impact and reach.   

We are driven by a shared vision to shape the future of insurance. We want to foster an innovative symbiotic Insurtech ecosystem that benefits both the scale-ups we invest in and our valued cell captive clients. Natural consequences of this approach include a drive to digital transformation, improved customer experience and increased long-term value for all stakeholders. 

Key Benefits

  • Scale your business in the Guardrisk ecosystem
  • Access to our insurance industry experts
  • Digital integration and insights from day one
  • Perfect synergy between the traditional cell captive model and the modern digital landscape
  • Access to life, non-life and microinsurance cell captive structures
  • Proactive decision-making keeping innovation and your product offering competitive
  • Fully compliant data structures and integration aligned to the latest regulatory and insurance requirements
  • Retain your IP

Client Profile

  • Insurtech scale ups with revenue traction
  • Insurtechs innovating in one of the following areas:
  • * Customer engagement and distribution
  • * Product pricing
  • * Policy administration systems
  • * Claims process automation
  • * Fraud detection
  • * End-to-end insurance provider
  • Medium and large brands wishing to launch insurance to their customers, inexpensively and without the hassle
  • Large brands wanting to take their insurance businesses to the next level by going digital, enabling innovation, and improving speed to market

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