Private Edge

Covers the public relations costs necessary to manage a crisis that may result in a financial loss.

We cover

  • Past and present Directors
  • Past and present Officers
  • Employee Benefit Fund Trustees


We provide cover for the liability exposure of the company, individual Directors and Officers including:

  • Labour Practice Liability
  •  Losses arising from a claim made by an employee by reason of any labour practice violation
  • Trustee liability
  •  Losses arising from any breach of trustee responsibility in connection with any employee benefit fund
  • Company management liability
  • Losses by reason of any wrongful act
  • Reimburses the company for losses it has or was legally entitled to indemnify it’s directors for
  • Personal Management Liability
  • Loss by reason of any wrongful act in their capacity as a director or officer of the company, except for and to the extent that the company is legally permitted or required to indemnify the insured person for such a loss
  • Crisis Containment


Covers the public relations costs necessary to manage a crisis that may result in a financial loss. Such crises may arise from:

  • The loss of intellectual property rights acquired under patent, trademark or copyright
  • The loss of a major client or contract
  • Acts committed on the premises that result in employee / customer trauma
  • Damage to property
  •  Product recall
  • Outside directorship cover
  • Automatic cover for new subsidiaries
  • Joint property liability
  • Should the policy not be renewed or replaced, there is an option to extend the period in which claims can be made but only in so far as they relate to wrongful acts committed prior to the non-renewal or replacement
  • Automatic cover for a period of 6 years for directors and officers after they have left or retired if the policy is not renewed or replaced


What is excluded? Some of the major exclusions are:

  • Any criminal, dishonest, fraudulent or wilful act
  • Contractual liability of the company
  • Patent/copyright disputes
  • Compensation claims for bodily injury/property damage (other than emotional distress for employment practice claims)
  • Insured vs insured
  • Professional services
  • Claims by major shareholder exclusion
  • Loss arising out of the insolvency of your Company
  • Acts committed outside of South Africa
  • Insolvency exclusion


The removal of exclusions may in some instances be negotiated.

Client Profile

Individual clients
Small and medium businesses
Large companies, organisations and government


South Africa, the rest of Africa and selected international countries.


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