Through its strategic partnership with Avis Rent-a-Car, Carsure focuses on satisfying the needs of individuals who experience loss of use of their motor vehicles.

In the event of an insured’s vehicle being involved in an accident and requiring repairs, or if it has been stolen, the insured needs a temporary replacement vehicle for the duration of settlement of their claim.

Objectives of Carsure:

  • To contain the cost of car hire to insurers and the Insured’s
  • To offer added benefits to insurers for their clients
  • To offer the insured peace of mind
  • For the insured to enjoy uninterrupted use of a vehicle in the event of his vehicle being damaged or stolen


Benefits for Insurers using Carsure:

  • Guaranteed rental of a car from Avis Rent-a-Car
  • No Split billing for petrol
  • Insured pays a security deposit and if required a delivery or collection fee


Client Profile

Underwriting Management Agencies
Insurance Administrators


South Africa, the rest of Africa and selected international countries.

Carsure Documents