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Get the latest 'buzz' straight from Guardrisk General Insurance. Here you can find important information relating to underwriting, claims and sales & marketing, as well as some legislative/market information

Accident & Health – May 2020

Will you be prepared when life throws you a curveball? The Accident and Health team can assist you by providing […]

Assistere – April 2020

What is the process to obtain an Assistere quote? Find out more. (T&C’s)

Aura Motor Insurance – April 2020

We quote, you present, client accepts.What information do we need from you?Find out more. (T&C’s)

Guardrisk Claims Center – April 2020

Start 2020 off right, here’s what is new in the Guardrisk Claims Center. Find out more. (T&C’s)

Guardrisk Claims Center – April 2020

Did you know you can report a claim using the online crash reporting tool found on the NaTIS (National Traffic […]

Guardrisk Claims Center – April 2020

Fraudulent Tow Truck Operators in KZN are defrauding Insurers – Original Article (Insurance Crime Bureau) Read more.

Guardrisk General Insurance – March 2020

Sales and Underwriting Essential Contact Information.

Guardrisk General Insurance – Nov 2019

No authorization to collect premium on behalf of Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited.Read more. (T&C’s)

Guardrisk Marine – April 2020

Let Guardrisk Marine take the helm and provide you with any Cargo or Goods In Transit quote. Read more.(T&C’s)

Guardrisk Marine – July 2020

Update from Guardrisk Marine (Small craft clients)

Guardrisk Marine – June 2020

Thank you for your valued support.

Municipal – April 2020

Tender season approaching? What you need to know about the Municipal Assets Register. (T&C’s)

Municipal – April 2020

Nearing the end of Underwriting season? Prioritize credit control and premium collection for your Municipal clients. Find out more. (T&C’s)

Municipal – July 2020

Did you know?  Guardrisk wishes to give brokers the assurance we have now fully enhanced our system to handle the […]

POPIA – June 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Monday the 22nd June 2020 that more provisions of the POPI Act will come into […]

POPIA – September 2019

Have you got your POPI act together? Read more.

RMi4Sure – January 2019

Structured for you. What is RMi4Sure and how will it benefit you? Find out more. (T&C’s)

RMi4Sure – May 2020

Structured for you. RMi4Sure offers a basic structured package as well as customized packages tailored to your requirements. Find out […]

Treating Customers Fairly – Jan 2019

Service Excellence begins with TCF. Read more.